Between December 2021 and September 2022, Schutt received from its supplier a batch/quantity of facemask clips (also known as “loop straps”) for use on our helmets that, after thorough investigation, we have determined do not meet our quality and durability standards.  It is recommended they be replaced before further play.  Replacement parts will be shipped free of charge to customers.                    


  1. Are your facemask clips black in color?
  2. Are your facemask clips standard screw and T-nut style (see photo/graphic)?
  3. Did you purchase/receive your helmet(s) between December 2021 and December 2022?
  4. Do the “date code” dials on your facemask clips match the below images -- with the arrows pointing to “21” and “01”?

Individual consumers

if you need up to 12 pairs of clips

If the answers to each of these questions is YES, please click the button below to place an order for us to ship you replacement clips.

dealers/bulk orders

if you need more than 12 pairs

The order form is limited to 12 pairs, so you need to submit a request to our customer service team to set up a larger exchange.

Please click the button below to do so and provide us with your name, business name, account number, how many clips you need, and title the subject line "Bulk Loop Strap Replacement".