No helmet can prevent head, brain, or neck injuries, including paralysis or death, a player might receive while participating in football. Keep your head up. Do not use this helmet to butt, ram, or spear an opposing player. This is in violation of football rules and such use can result in severe head or neck injuries, paralysis, or death to you and possible injury to your opponent. Contact in football may result in CONCUSSION AND OTHER SERIOUS BRAIN INJURIES, which no helmet can prevent. Symptoms include: loss of consciousness (even briefly), inability to recall events prior to or after contact, dizziness, headache, nausea, and/or confusion. If you have any symptoms, immediately stop playing and report them to your coach, trainer, and parents. Do not return to play until all symptoms are gone and you have received medical clearance from a doctor.ENGAGING IN ANY FURTHER CONTACT PRIOR TO THE RESOLUTION OF ALL SUCH SYMPTOMS AND THE RECEIPT OF MEDICAL CLEARANCE MAY LEAD TO ANOTHER CONCUSSION AND OTHER SERIOUS BRAIN INJURIES.‍

This helmet must be properly fitted to the wearer’s head in accordance with the manufacturer’s fitting instructions. The fit of the helmet and the presence of all pads (jawpads, front pad, and full liner set) should be checked each time before play. Never wear a helmet that does not fit according to manufacturer’s instructions.

Do not alter the exterior or interior materials of the Schutt helmet to install a communication device. This will damage the structural integrity of the helmet and compromise player safety.

Can I use a third-party add-on with Schutt helmets?‍ Schutt helmets have been tested and are NOCSAE-certified as a standalone product. Schutt does not make any claims regarding the performance of third-party add-on products when used with our helmets. Use of third-party add-on products may negatively affect helmet performance. We suggest players and/or teams request test data from the manufacturer of any third-party add-on product to determine its efficacy when used in conjunction with one of our helmets.‍

Will Schutt void my warranty for using an add-on?‍ Schutt will void the helmet warranty if attachment of a third-party add-on product requires modification of our helmet (e.g., drilling holes), chemical affixation (e.g., using adhesive to attach the product to our helmet shell), or when the attachment method negatively affects the proper function of the helmet (e.g., attachment of the accessory hinders or restricts movement of the Tektonic Plates, RFLX Layer, or Facemask).