Schutt Reconditioning


For official Schutt reconditioning and reconditioning services, get started using the tools found below.

Our RECON Process

As a NAERA member licensed by NOCSAE we meet and exceed industry
standards. All helmets are tagged with RFID tracking labels to record important
information and allow easy identification throughout the process. All interior
parts and faceguards are removed allowing better inspection, cleaning and
sanitizing. Internal parts are reinstalled in the same helmet and rejected
parts are replaced with new OEM parts. Shells are inspected, cleaned, sanitized
and prepped for finish. Paint or polish. New recertification, NOCSAE, warning,
size and initial season labels installed.

Simple and Transparent

Online Order Management

Online Tracking

Online Reporting

Online Order Management

Simple order entry for Recon and New Equipment

Automated Order Acknowledgements

Access to Order History

Inbound Tracking

Outbound Tracking

Real Time Status Updates throughout Process

Inventory Reports

Reconditioning History Reports

Parts Replacement Reports