F7 2.0 FIT KIT
F7 2.0 FIT KIT
F7 2.0 FIT KIT

F7 2.0 FIT KIT

To improve the range of fit dynamics unique to each athlete, the helmet liner integrates an industry-first stacking pod system in three locations. This Tear-Away pod system makes for a quick and easy fit system using geometry interlock and Velcro.
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  • Improves the range of fit dynamics to uniquely fit each athlete
  • Uses industry-first stacking pod system in three locations
  • Quick and easy fit system with geometry interlock and Velcro
  • Includes two 1/4" crown sizers, one 1/4" rear sizer (two 1/4" lateral sizers are pre-installed in the F7 2.0)
  • Engineered exclusively for the F7 2.0


  • If the athlete is in the low-end of the helmet's size range
    • For example, if an athlete's head circumference is 22.5" and requires a large helmet, but still has extra space in the helmet, then the fit kit allows the athlete to tune their fit for safer and more comfortable play
  • If the athlete has a round head shape (as opposed to oval)
    • If the athlete has a round head shape, then the helmet fits on the sides, but has extra room in the rear. By using the rear sizer, this gives the athlete a snugger fit
  • If the athlete has a flat or ramped top of the head
    • If the athlete has a flat top of the head, and the helmet sits too deep into the shell, then front pad rides low on the brow. The crown sizers will lift the helmet higher on the head into the proper position and clear the player’s sight lines
    • If the athlete has a ramped top of the head and is getting pressure in only one particular spot but not contact in another, then adding one crown sizer will fill the gap where there is no contact for a more form fitting and comfortable fit